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Film Jerk

Big Fish news
By Filmjerk

For a number of years, this was one of the many films that Steven Spielberg comtemplated making, along with Memoirs Of A Geisha, Minority Report, a biography of Charles Lindberg and about 15 other projects based on literary works. Eventually, Spielberg lost interest in the idea of Big Fish and allowed producers Richard Zanuck, Dan Jinks and Bruce Cohen to find someone else to helm John August's adaptation of Daniel Wallace's book "Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions."

It is understandable why Spielberg would be drawn to this work. A man returns home to find that his father is dying of cancer, and the son tries to piece his father's life together through the stories the old man has told in a last ditch attempt to get to know him. It's not exactly a secret Spielberg felt for many years he did not have the greatest relationship with his own father. Perhaps he lost interest in Big Fish because he has reconnected with his dad.

Enter Tim Burton.

Another very talented director, but about as polar opposite to Spielberg as a filmmaker can get. Where Spielberg would likely have focused on the relationship between father and son, no doubt Burton will leap on the fantastic tales of the father's stories and make a visually exciting but emotionally distant film.

So what can we look forward to? Casting notices have just gone out for the following characters:

Karl The Giant: Mid 20s to early 30s. At least 6 feet 8 inches tall. Karl is not just tall, but massive. He is a kind, gentle, giant that Young Edward meets along his travels. At first the townspeople are afraid and want to destroy Karl, but Edward befriends the misunderstood man and soon they are traveling partners. And yes, the producers are casting for a giant to play this part. No Lord of the Rings, we're going to take the already elfin Elijah Wood and digitally make him a couple inches shorter so he can effectively play a hobbit junk. Too bad Shaq will be back on the court by the time shooting begins.

Amos Calloway: 50 years old. Four feet tall with a gigantic presence. He is the owner and ringmaster of the circus where Young Edward and Karl find employment. Yes, the actor cast to play Amos will be, as we must say, "height disadvantaged". No Lord of the Rings, we're going to take the already elfin Elijah Wood and digitally make him a couple inches shorter so he can effectively play a hobbit junk.

Ping and Jing: Asian identical twins. Late 20s and very pretty. These stunning women are the singing entertainment at the Chinese equivalent of a U.S.O. show during WWII. Ping is the sassy one, Jing is the sweet one. Young Edward stumbles across their performance after he parachutes into enemy territory. The two women protect him from the enemy soldiers after he tells them about how he needs to get home to his wife, and true love, Sandra. He also promises to get them a job with Amos the circus owner. If the producers are unable to find a qualified pair of Asian twins to play the role, they are considering casting one person and having her play both roles.

Filming on Big Fish is scheduled to begin in October. If you feel you are qualified to play one of these roles, please contact the production office or casting agency.

The Scorecard
Director: Tim Burton
Producers: Richard Zanuck, Dan Jinks, Bruce Cohen
Casting Director: Denise Chamian