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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Haunted Woods in Tim Burton's BIG FISH?

Hey folks, Harry here with another report from our folks out in Alabama! Giant scary trees with cartoonishly gnarled roots? Cool! That sounds great. Vultures and a river cave? Awesome. Here ya go...

Hello Harry,

Everywhere I turn in Montgomery now someone has Big Fish stuff to tell me. Lots of chatty people are around: production grunts at the local drinking hole, high school student extras, the normal people who don't think about an NDA.

A haunted forest has been constructed on a nearby lake with some sort of small town set constructed just outside the forest. Having seen a couple of pictures of that set, I can tell you it is what you would expect from a Burton haunted forest: big scary trees with huge cartoonishly gnarled roots. Can't wait to see the onscreen product.

A giant river cave has been put up and taken down already. Once again a scary looking piece of work. A river rat (whose favorite boat ramp was commandeered for the cave) reported vultures being brought to this cave and being fed meat out of fake bones in the mouth of the cave during the several days of filming on the river.

Downtown Wetumpka was shut down for a pretty darn big parade (complete with Shriner's in gocarts) featuring Ewan McG. and Matthew McGrory, a darn tall man made all the taller by the cart he is standing on. Newspaper coverage of this day of filming can be seen here:

Click Here

I'm trying to assess the validity of a couple of other sources and what I can reveal without busting a source, so hopefully some juicey tidbits are to come.

Spartacus R.